FAQ – frequently asked questions

  1. Home delivery?
  • The delivery service is available daily from 11:00-17:00. we deliver with our own refrigerated machine and we do not collaborate with external suppliers. The order can arrive at any time during this period, so we do not deliver at a fixed time.

The order must be registered at least one day before delivery. to confirm the products and delivery, one of our operators will contact you by phone and if not, you can contact us by phone 0790002000 or email comenzi@zoomserie.ro

  1. What is the price per kg for personalised cakes?
  • Custom cakes can vary greatly from one model to another. The basic price is 150 lei/kg, and depending on the complexity of the model (e.g.: human figurines, Disney 3D figurines, robot figurines, handmade flowers, special lace, gold leaf, etc.), customization labor can be added, which varies between 50-1000 lei; If you have a picture of the model you want, you can send us an offer request to comenzi@zoomserie.ro or on WhatsApp 0790002000 a picture of the cake and we will send you all the necessary information as soon as possible.

  1. Can we come up with outside models or do you only make what you have in your portfolio?
  • Most of the custom cakes we make are the customer’s choice, designed by us according to their requirements or chosen directly from our range of designs.
  • Yes, you can come up with your own model. We don’t promise to reproduce it identically, but we promise to make it better! 😊
  • To be sure that it can be reproduced, it is good to send a picture to the email address comenzi@zoomserie.ro or WhatsApp 0790002000.

  1. Where do we find the mixes for custom cakes?
  • Custom cakes can be made from almost all of our standard cake compositions, which you can find here https://www.zoomserie.ro/categorie/torturi/. The availability of the composition will be confirmed with one of the bakery operators.

  1. Where can we find offers for candy bars?
  • The offers are individually determined according to several criteria: the date of the event, the city, the restaurant, the time when the guests arrive, the theme and the number of people. you can send us all this information at comenzi@zoomserie.ro and we will be back in maximum 2 days with an offer specially designed for you.

  1. Can the compositions be combined?
  • If you want two compositions in one cake, it is best to register your order 6-10 days in advance. We will only have confirmation after we receive the answer from the laboratory.

  1. Do you use ice cream in your cream?
  • All our products are frozen immediately after production. Refrigeration, as a process, means cooling products to temperatures near the freezing point, without ice forming in the product.

You’ll notice a cake straight out of the freezer (frozen),

When cutting you can see that the layers are unsweetened, the cream is cold,

there are no ice blocks and the taste is like an ice cream cake.

The pastry remains just cold and the cream has the texture of ice cream. in most

in many cases, certain varieties are better frozen than


  • Cakes can be defrosted in about 1-6 h, depending on composition and size
  • For events, for layer cakes, wrapped in buttercream or sugar paste, it is best to keep them at a minimum temperature of -5 – 0 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, we risk external damage to the product. Our cakes and cupcakes have a soft, lightly sprinkled texture and then we run the risk of the decoration/colours or sugar paste melting/curdling, the colours combining. Something we don’t want.

  1. Do you bake cakes on the spot?
  • Cakes can be made in a relatively short time, from one day to the next or even the same day, depending on the model, composition and availability, but not on the spot! On holidays and for special events (christening, wedding, anniversary) it is good to register your order in advance, especially if we have larger quantities and special models; However, in our bakeries you will always find custom cakes, free standing, ready to take home!

  1. How far in advance can we place an order?
  • The minimum time we suggest is 3-5 days. There are cases where the cake design is very complicated and then we need even 10 days to receive all the necessary materials or cases where we can make the cake in the same day.
  • We also have custom cakes ready to buy, directly from the window, for free; Designs are varied and usually meet pretty much all requirements!

  1. Do you have fireworks?
  • No, unfortunately we do not sell fireworks.
  • At our online shop you will find simple candles (white, pink, blue) and candles in the shape of numbers