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If you ordered a product from, and when you pick it up it does not correspond to the description and specifications mentioned on the website or the details you mentioned in the order, you can refuse to pick up the product or you can return the product within 24 hours and you will receive the money in full back.

The manufacturing of the products influences the results.

The products found in the pictures on are for presentation purposes, their decor is standard, with the possibility of adding accessories depending on's ability to meet the requested requirements. When ordering online, you can opt for personalized decorations that are later confirmed by the operator by phone.

The personalized cakes cannot be identical, because they are handmade and may have small changes due to the quantities (in the pictures, the cakes may be smaller or larger than the quantity you want).

For each personalized cake, depending on the chosen model and the number of portions requested, the minimum quantity necessary to make it will be confirmed, being required to accept a margin of +/- 500 grams from the quantity confirmed by Being a different project, we can only approximate the minimum amount necessary for its realization.

Cancellation of orders

In the case of customized products, due to the complexity of the decorative elements, the order can be canceled before delivery, with a minimum time equal to the production time. (Example: For a cake with a production time of 48 hours, the order can be canceled with a minimum time of 2 days before delivery). If you cancel the order after entering production, we reserve the right to withhold the advance received at the time of placing the order.

The customer has the obligation to respect the pick up/pick up date of the order. Any change regarding the pick-up date can be made by phone or email to [email protected], with a telephone confirmation from the confectionery. If the customer does not pick up the product on the set date and does not communicate the change by phone, he tacitly cancels this order.

Additional questions

If you have any concerns, special orders or additional questions, we are at your disposal at any time, via e-mail at [email protected], or at the phone number 0751222265 between 10:00 and 20:00.

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