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ZOOMSERIE regulation

These rules apply to all consumers of the SC ZOOMSERIE SRL unit, located in Bucharest Sector 3, Str. HOLY FRIDAY, No. 23, Block 105B, GROUND FLOOR,

To benefit from the facilities of our unit, you, as consumers, must accept these rules. If you do not agree with any of these, we suggest you look for another location that meets your expectations.

Please consider the following RULES:

  • The unit reserves the right to select its customers and to refuse access or service in the confectionery to intoxicated, rude and/or turbulent customers who, through their attitude, damage the image of the unit or disturb other customers.
  • As a consumer of the unit, you declare that you understand and accept the fact that the representatives of the unit are not responsible for any damage to your life, body, health or property, except for those that occurred as a direct result of their culpable action, according to the law.
  • In the case of minors, access is allowed in the company of an adult.
  • For safety reasons, parents are asked to supervise the children's activity, as there is no specially designed play area within the unit.
  • It is not allowed to consume food and drinks from own sources in the unit.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the unit; for this purpose there are specially arranged places outside the unit.
  • Access to the premises of the unit is prohibited with: firearms and any other objects capable of launching projectiles or causing injuries; weapons with a point/blade or a blade that can cause injury; blunt instruments; explosive or flammable substances; chemical and toxic substances that pose a risk to the health of consumers.
  • Although we take all precautionary measures, we do not assume any responsibility for forgotten, lost or allegedly stolen items inside the unit.
  • All equipment of the unit must be used by consumers with care and caution.
  • Each consumer is responsible for the damages caused by his behavior, including any kind of damages caused to third parties (this also means the injury to other consumers).
  • The representatives of the unit are not responsible in any way for the destruction or damage of your goods in its premises, regardless of how they occur (e.g. escaping on foot).
  • You accept and agree that, apart from the causes of mandatory liability provided by law, to the maximum extent permitted by the applicable legislation, the representatives of the unit will not be liable to you, as consumers, for any kind of damages, accidents, injuries (including those caused to your life, body or health) or damage caused to you or your belongings in connection with your presence in the accommodation unit or due to the use of the facilities and services offered by us.
  • For any complaints or notifications, please contact the service management.
  • Any controversy, dispute or complaint that could arise as a result of the application of our unit's policy, we will try to resolve it amicably, if this is not possible, it will fall under the jurisdiction of the competent court.
  • The representatives of the unit reserve the right to remove from the premises of the unit or to prohibit access within it, all persons who do not comply with these regulations.
  • The representatives of the unit reserve the right to take action in court, with the aim of obtaining compensation, for any customer who does not comply with these operating regulations.
  • If, as a consumer, you do not comply with the above rules, you assume all the damages and losses caused by non-compliance and exonerate the representatives of the accommodation unit from any liability.
    If you do not respect the above rules, we have the right to ask you to leave the unit.
  • IMPORTANT! When you enter our unit, you express your consent regarding these rules and oblige yourself to respect them unconditionally, assuming that you have read and followed them carefully.
  • In order to be permanently up-to-date with possible changes to the regulations or policies of the unit, we recommend that you access

Thank you for understanding!


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