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Chocolate Strawberry Cake

Strawberry Choco Cake with cocoa sponge cake, Belgian chocolate mousse, strawberries and dark chocolate flakes.

115,00 lei484,00 lei

Strawberry Choco Cake has a recipe specially designed to satisfy the tastes of children and adults. It perfectly combines the taste of strawberries with the strong aroma of dark chocolate. The Strawberry Choco cake contains cocoa sponge cake, Belgian chocolate mousse and strawberries, decorated with dark chocolate flakes. This assortment of cakes is part of the range that can be customized for the important events in your life.

We are waiting for you at Zoomserie confectionery locations to test this assortment, a delight for refined tastes.
Our team is constantly working to discover new recipes suitable for you and your loved ones.

Weight N/A

Gluten, Milk, Eggs, Soy

May contain traces of

Peanuts, Nuts, Sulfites, Sesame

Storage conditions

Keep the product in its delivery packaging at a temperature of (+2) – (+4) °C for up to 48 hours from the moment of receipt.


10 servings ~ 1.5 kg shape, 16 servings ~ 2.5 kg shape, 20 servings ~ 3 kg shape, 30 servings ~ 4.5 kg shape, 6 servings ~ 1 kg shape