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Cheesecake Cake


Biscuits top, fine cream cheese and cherry jam.

141,00 lei

Cheesecake cake is specially prepared for those who want to enjoy a refreshing, fine and absolutely delicious dessert. It has a base of biscuit crust followed by a layer of fine cream cheese and cherry jam. It is placed in a ceramic pot that can be reused, dessert considered a source of energy. Cheesecake is a suitable choice for any type of event. Whether it's a family meal, a festive meal in the middle of summer or simply when you want to enjoy a wonderful dessert, this cake is perfect.

Cheesecake cake, the sweet and refreshing treat that can be personalized with just a message on a sugar plate.
You can also enjoy its taste in cake form Cheesecake this having the same delicious taste as the cake.


Gluten, Milk, Eggs, Soy

May contain traces of

Peanuts, Nuts, Sulfites, Sesame

Storage conditions

Keep the product in its delivery packaging at a temperature of (+2) – (+4) °C for up to 48 hours from the moment of receipt.