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Tray Box Mini Vanilla Cakes

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In this box there are approximately 0.8-0.9 kilograms of mini cakes, and the price is 88 lei/box. If you want another quantity, please contact us by phone.

109,00 lei

Plateau Cutie Mini Vanilla Cakes (mini cakes) selects the products with vanilla cream, perfect to be served together with office colleagues or at home with the family.
From three different assortments we chose 19 mini cakes with vanilla cream combined with various other textures such as almond or cherries.

The Vanilla Mini Cakes Box Tray collects mini cakes such as Kornedaki, Cremsnit and cherry tarts, some of the most adored assortments we have.
The platter is suitable for 6-8 people and can be ordered online, but if you have another wish, please contact us.
The birthday plate can be made in larger quantities or can be customized according to your wishes.
There are approximately 800 grams of mini cakes in this box.