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Box of Chocolate Candies 2

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The box contains 24 candies and weighs approximately 600 grams, and the price is 111 lei/box.

111,00 lei

Box of Chocolate Candies 2 is the option we propose to give as a gift to loved ones, lovers of refined desserts.
We have selected 4 of our assortments of candies with different fillings and flavors, 24 pieces in the box.

Box of Chocolate Candy 2 has four varieties, Chocolate pyramids and pralines, Chocolate cookies, White chocolate and almonds and Dark chocolate with caramel.
If you want another selection from our assortment or a larger quantity, don't hesitate to contact us to find the right option for you together.
Choose a box with candies made with Belgian chocolate and with different fillings, a box that can be given as a gift or can be your treat at any time.