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Medium Mini Cakes Birthday Platter

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Medium Birthday Plate (mini cake) contains 25 mini cakes from 5 different assortments. They weigh approximately 0.9 kilograms and are suitable for a maximum of 10 people.

129,00 lei

Medium Mini Cakes Anniversary Plate (mini cake) is prepared for approximately 10 people and contains 25 mini cakes of 5 different types.
This selection is a fresh version, with refreshing or vanilla flavors, suitable for any type of anniversary event.

Medium Mini Cakes Anniversary Plate can be the right choice for the office anniversary with colleagues or even for parties with the family.
If you want another selection of mini cakes, please write to us at the email address [email protected] or you can pay us a visit at our locations.
Platou is ordered by the piece, and for changes to the assortment of mini cakes there may be different costs - some cakes are heavier than others.
Mini White Choco, Fragola, Cremsnit, Biscotto and Caramela are the 5 assortments found in this selection.