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Cake Pops

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Realizam manual toate Cake Pops-urile de la zero, folosind chec Red Velvet, Vanilie sau Ciocolata, cu crema de unt, crema de branza Philadelphia si invelite in ciocolata de calitate superioara, Callebaut.

Ne poți trimite modelul tau preferat de Cake Pops la adresa comenzi@zoomserie.ro si le vom pregati special pentru tine. De asemenea, pentru clienții noștri corporate vă putem face Cake Pop cu logo-ul firmei.

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Monoportii Tort Biscotto Craciun

24,00 lei

Monoportii Tort Biscotto Craciun, este o combinație de arome ce satisface majoritatea gusturilor, fiind unul dintre cele mai apreciate deserturi indiferent de sezon.
Acest tort conține pandișpan de cacao ușor însiropat, cremă de praline, cremă de vanilie și biscuiți crocanți.

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Cake Snicke

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Snicke Cake, is one of those cakes that can satisfy your sweet tooth with a final taste of peanut butter. We use peanuts to create this peanut butter paste, so it’s possible to feel them crunchy alongside their buttery texture.

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Lemon and Marshmallow Cake

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We start by making our most wicked cake with vanilla sponge and vanilla cream mixed with 100% Greek yogurt and red berries. In the middle and top layer we add intense lemon pastry cream and cover everything in marshmallow cream which we burn to give a classic lemon cake finish.

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Valentine’s Day Cupcakes and Cakes

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We’ve prepared several different muffin-based cupcakes for you. You can order them online or find them in any of our stores in Militari, Unirii or Veranda Mall
Every day we prepare different themes with a selection of flavours, Chocolate, Vanilla or Lemon.

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Valentine and Dragobete cakes

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We give love every day and at every opportunity. With all our heart, all our desire and all our passion. To celebrate this beautiful sentiment, there is a date that reminds us of a saint who worships love. Besides this date, we Romanians, because we are more passionate, celebrate twice in February this special feeling we call love.

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Coconut and mango

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Coconut and mango!

Two ingredients that remind us of summer and its flavors.

We prepare all ingredients from scratch, mango and coconut, to preserve the flavors without adding extra ingredients

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Tiramisu Rolled Cake

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Tiramisu Rolled Cake is a velvety blend of espresso-soaked savoiardi piscote, layered with delicately sweetened beaten eggs, mascarpone cheese, topped with a cocoa powder. Its name, tirami sù, means “pick me up”, referring to the stimulating effects of the caffeine in coffee and chocolate.
At Zoomserie we follow step by step the traditional recipe

For Tiramisu Cake click here

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