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In 1981, Panagiotis Ntasios, a chemist from Athens, found in the rural, mountainous area of Grevena, Greece, the perfect place to find excellent quality ingredients to use in his dream gelato recipes. He set up his first ice cream shop in 16 square meters. In the 80’s and 90’s, continued success added a new range of products such as chocolates, desserts, cakes and in the early 00’s the whole production unit moved to the site it is now. All these years, committed to the core values that the founder established in the company, we continue our business. In the 10 years we have expanded into the European market starting in Bucharest, Romania, continuing in Bulgaria, UK, Germany with Zoomserie brand stores and exporting to many other countries, including the USA.

Today we continue to research and develop our products with the consumer, market needs and our people in mind.

– Zoomserie.

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Our Values


Responsibility : we acknowledge and accept responsibility for actions, products, decisions, time and policies.

Commitment : We are committed to providing employees with opportunities to grow personally, professionally and spiritually, while delivering exceptional product quality and an outstanding customer service experience.

Community : We actively support our community by donating our product and time to the specific needs of the organizations, neighborhoods and families we serve.

Integrity : We provide honest, timely communication and service that shows respect and kindness to every client, teammate, supplier, lead agency and competitor.

Safety : we ensure the health and well-being of all colleagues and customers. We create a safe working environment through awareness, communication and training.

Teamwork : We strive to create a positive work environment by building a spirit of cooperative effort between individuals and departments; achieving our success depends on our ability to perform as a successful team





The cakes and ice cream produced by Zoomserie cover a wide variety of traditional products but at the same time they have developed over 700 confectionery specialities with new flavours covering the entire confectionery universe.

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Quality Assurance

The quality of our products from raw materials to packaging and distribution is guaranteed by ISO and HACCP certificates.

Zoomserie is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products, service and support to meet customer expectations. Achieving complete customer satisfaction is central to our business philosophy and this is reflected through our actions, relationships, processes and operations.

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The products are made in our factory and the processing stages of the sweets are in a continuous observation so that ZOOMSERIE offers consumers fresh products and exceptional quality. Zoomseries covers the needs of the market distributing at the time in Greece and 7 different regions of Europe and the USA